• Address: 1273 Ninnikusenchō, Nara-shi, Nara Prefecture ( rough location)
  • Founded: 756 (?)

A Bouddhist temple of Shingon Sect, Omuro School. In the tahōtō (a form of japanese pagoda) is a seated wooden statue of Dainishi Nyorai by the master sculptor Unkei in his youth. And if you are lucky enough you can have a chance of appreciating the statues of Muchaku and Seshin, two of his masterpieces, at Kōfukuji.
The matsutake udon (japanese white thick noodle with special mushroom slices) we had in the adjoining restaurant was very good!

Rōmon, two-storied gate

Tahōtō, pagoda of many treasures
(The statue of Dainichi Nyorai of Unkei is enshrined here)

Kasugadō (left) and Hakusandō (right)
(The oldest shrines existing of Kasuga style)

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