• Address: 4220 Sakamoto honchō, Ōtsu-shi, Shiga Prefecture
    ( rough location)
  • Founder : Saichō (Dengyō-daishi)
  • Founded: 788

The head temple of the Tendai Sect, which was introduced by the bonze Saichō.This temple, whose precincts spread over the whole area of Mount Hiei (848m), includes more than 150 constructions spreading over the three areas called respectively Tōdō, Saitō and Yokawa.Besides the doctrine of the Tendai Sect, the esoteric Buddhism, Zen and prayers to Amida Buddha were also studied and practiced here producing many famous bonzes of Japan, making this temple one of the two centers of buddhism of Japan together with the temple Kongōbuji of Mount Kōya.Even though completely destoyed by Nobunaga, one of the most powerful feudal lords in the Warring States period, the Eternity Flames in the lamps of the alter of Konpon-chūdō continue to burn for more than 1,200 years.This temple has been registered as a world heritage of UNESCO in 1994.

Tōdō - Konponchūdō (Main Hall of Enryaku-ji)

Tōdō - Daikōdō (Great Lecture Hall)

Tōdō - Kaidanin (Ordination Hall) - 1

Tōdō - Kaidanin (Ordination Hall) - 2

Tōdō - Amidadō (Amida Hall)

Tōdō - behind Amidadō and Tōtō

Tōdō - East Pagoda of Hokke-sōji-in (Tōtō)

Saitō - Shakadō (Shaka Hall)

Saitō - Ninaidō

Saitō - Jōdo-in (Mausoleum of Saichō)

Lake Biwa (seen from Minemichi)

Yokawa - along the path to the Yokawa-chūdō

Yokawa - Yokawa-chūdō

Yokawa - Eshindō (Retreat of Eshin-sōzu, or Genshin)
Genshin wrote the famous "Ōjōyōshū"

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