Ginkaku-ji (Jishō-ji)

  • Address: 2 Ginkakujichō, Sakyō-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture ( rough location)
  • Founder: Ashikaga Yoshimasa
  • Founded: 1490

A temple of Rinzai Sect, Shōkokuji School. This temple always welcomes us whenever we visit with its well-manicured garden full of variety according to the season.

Sōmon, the main gate of the temple

"Ginkakuji-gaki", hedges of Ginkaku-ji style

"Ginshadan", sand molding
seen from a path over the foot of the Mounts Higashiyama

A close-up of Ginshadan

"Kōgetsu-dai", sand moulding of truncated cone shape

Two men restoring the Kōgetsu-dai after a shower

The Silver Pavilion

The pavilion seen from a path over the foot of Higashiyama

Bamboo fence

A path winding over the foot of Higashiyama


In one of the corners of the garden

The outside of the pavilion is said to have been lacquered in black,
not covered by silver foil

On of the openings of the ground floor of the pavilion with a fine bamboo blind
bordered with brocade with ornamental braided cords and tassels

Sengetsu-sen (moon washing fountain)

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