• Address: 1-1 Sannai, Hōryū-ji, Ikaruga-chō, Ikoma-gun, Nara Prefecture
    ( rough location)
  • Founder: Empress Suiko, Prince Shōtoku
  • Founded: 607(?)

A temple which, even now, makes us feel the energetic atmosphere of the ancient times when the cultures of the continent were first introduced and the basis of the country were founded. The complex in the west called Sai-in contains several of the existing oldest wooden buildings of the world.

"Nandaimon", South Grand Gate

"Chūmon", Central Gate

The Guardian King "Niō" on the right-hand side of Chūmon
(the one with its mouth open - A gyō)

The Guardian King "Niō" on the left-hand side of Chūmon
(the one with its mouth shut - Un gyō)

The Cloisters built in 7th century (Asuka period)

The oldest five-storied pagoda of Japan
Inside you can see the clay statues representing the life of the Buddha

"Yumedono", Hall of Dreams
Here enshrined the statue "Guze-kannon",
which is said to be the life-sized statue of Prince Shōtoku

The encircling gallery of Yumedono

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