Katsura Imperial Villa

  • An imperial villa in the western part of Kyoto
    ( rough location)
  • Founder: Prince Hachijō Toshihito (1579-1629)
  • One of Japan's most important large-scale cultural treasures

Application for the permission of your visit must be made beforehand in person or through Internet to the Imperial Household Agency Kyoto Office.
One of the quintessence of Japanese culture.

"Sasagaki", a unique hedge using natural bamboos behind it
by bending their stalks and fixing their branches

"Sasagaki" and "Hogaki"

"Hogaki", a fence using bamboo stalks and branches

Steppingstones in front of "Ko-shoin"

"Tsukimidai", platform to admire the moon (in front of Ko-shoin)

"Shin-goten" (in the background) and "Chū-shoin" seen from Ko-shoin
Note that there are no eaves troughs
but a graveled band runs all the way just under the eaves

Shin-goten and a room for music instruments of Chū-shoin

"Dobashi", wooden bridge paved with soil

Ko-shoin (left-hand side) and "Geppa-rō" (in the center) seen from "Shōkin-tei"

The inside of "Geppa-rō"

The outside of "Geppa-rō"

The inside of "Shōkin-tei"
Famous checkered pattern of its "fusuma", sliding doors

The inside of "Shōi-ken"
A lattice window and an arrow-shaped ornament on a wall

Well manicured garden

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