Keageincline (Keage Incline)

  • Keage, a region in the east of the city of Kyoto, was an important place where Tōkaidō road, the most important road in Japan which connected Kyoto and Edo, entered Kyoto. ( rough location)

Lake Biwa Canal (Biwako Sosui) is a waterway constructed during the Meiji Period (late 19th century) to transport water, freight and passengers from Lake Biwa to the nearby City of Kyoto. Between Keage and Fushimi, where there is a big difference in elevation, an inclined plane was built, which allowed boats to travel on land on a flat car. The operation of the incline deceased in 1948, but a part of its structure has been preserved and is now a tourist attraction, famous for its cherry blossoms.

The entrance to "Nejirinbo-michi", a shortcut to Nanzen-ji Temple

The incline with rails seen from the intersection of "Nanzenji-mae"
in the direction of south-east

A part of "Biwako Sosui", Lake Biwa Canal
The Kyoto Municipal Zoo in the background

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