• A name of place in the north of the city of Kyoto
    ( rough location)
  • It will take about 70 minutes by train from the Kyoto Station to Kibune.

Famous for the colored leaves in autumn.
In summer, some of the restaurants along the upper stream of Kibune River set up open-air-dining-spaces over the riverbed.

The Torii of "Kifune" Shrine

"Honden", main hall reconstructed in 2007
It is said that this shrine is the birthplace of "Ema", small wooden plaques
to write prayers or wishes originally with drawing of a horse

The contrast of the green of conifers and the red, orange and yellow of maples

A road which stretches along the Kibune-gawa River

We can enjoy seasonal dishes in summer on platforms installed on the riverbed
by the restaurants along this river

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