• Address: 29 Kōetsu-cho, Takagamine, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture ( rough location)
  • Founded: 1658

A temple of Nichiren Sect.
Honami Kōetsu, craftsman, potter and calligrapher of great talent, given this land in 1615 by Tokugawa Ieyasu, formed a village of artists here and after his death his residence became a temple.

The approach to the temple decorated with colored leaves

Thatched belfry

"Hondō", main hall

"Taikyo-an", one of the seven tea houses in the precincts,
with beautiful leaves of "Dōdan-tsutsuji", Enkianthus perulatus

"Kōetsu-gaki", unique curbed bamboo fence of Kōetsu style

"Ashibi", Japanese andromeda (Pieris japonica)

Central part of the city of Kyoto in the distance seen from the precincts

"The three mountains of Takagamine"
(from left to right, Tengamine, Washigamine and Takagamine)

"Honami-an", another tea house
(all the tea houses were built in the Taishō period, 1912 - 1926, and after)

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