• Address: 48 Noboriōji-chō, Nara-shi, Nara Prefecture ( rough location)
  • Founder: Fujiwarano Fuhito
  • Founded: 669

The head temple of Hossō Sect. As the Tutelary Temple of the Fujiwara family with close relationships with Fujiwarano Kamatari himself and his son Fujiwarano Fuhito, this temple had a great influence in Japanese history.
This temple possesses many extraordinary statues classified as national treasure.

"Tōkondō", East Main Hall and "Gojyūno-tou", five-storied pagoda

North side of the Tōkondō

A curtain with motifs of deer

"Nan-en-dō", South Octagonal Pavilion,
where enshrined the seated statue of "Fukūkensaku-kannon" made by Kōkei,
the father of Unkei (one of the most celebrated sculptor in Japan)

"Sanjyūno-tou", three-storied pagoda
(the oldest building in this temple)

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