Kyoto Station

  • Shimokyō-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture

This station building was designed by Hara Hiroshi and opened in 1997 as one of the commemorative projects of 1,200th anniversary (1994) of transfer of the capital from Nara to Kyoto. The enormous space with 4,000 plate glasses is very impressive.

The Main Entrance

Huge modern space in a historical city

Huge modern space almost always animated with people

The escalators will take you to the 11th floor

From the top of the escalators

"Happy Terrace", the rooftop garden

The entrance on the 10th floor to the "Skyway", an aerial path


"Skyway" seen from an open space on the 7th floor

"The East Square" of the 7th floor

MIYAKOMICHI "Water Art" - 1

MIYAKOMICHI "Water Art" - 2

MIYAKOMICHI "Water Art" - 3

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