Kyōtogosho (Kyoto Imperial Palace)

  • Address: Kyōto Gyoen-nai, Kamigyō-ku, Kyoto City
    ( rough location)

Kyoto Imperial Palace, many times burned down since the relocation of the palace from Nara to Kyoto in 794, is now situated about two kilometers east of the original location.Even though the existing constructions were rebuilt in 1855, they make us imagine the lives of the emperors and the aristocrats of the olden times.Reservations are necessary for the visits.
The procession of the Aoi Festival, which is held every 15 May, starts from here.

Gishūmon - gate for the court nobles

Gishūmon - seen from behind

Preparations for the Aoi Festival - 1 (taken 2015.5.13)

Preparations for the Aoi Festival - 2 (taken 2015.5.13)

Preparations for the Aoi Festival - 3 (taken 2015.5.13)

Shishinden - Main building of the palace

Shishinden - seen from behind

Seiryōden - where the emperor's daily life unfolded

Garden of "Kemari"
Kemari, sort of football enjoyed by nobles in ancient Japan

Interesting fence

Oikeniwa garden - 1

Oikeniwa garden - 2

Oikeniwa garden - 3


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