• Address: 60 Monzen-chō, Hanayamachi-kudaru, Horikawa-dōri, Shimogyō-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture ( rough location)
  • Founder: Hongan-ji Kennyo
  • Founded: 1591

The head temple of Jōdoshinshū Sect, Honganji School. In the precincts, many important buildings and gardens of the late 16th century are preserved and many of them are not open to the public, but we can see the gorgeous Karamon gate.

The Gate "Amidadō-mon" (north side)

The Gate "Amidadō-mon" (front view)

"Miei-dō", Founder's Hall and a giant ginkgo tree

Amidadō-mon (rear view) and "Ochadokoro", tea house
(with Kyoto Tower in the distance)

The Gallery of Mieidō

A building near the covered corridor between the Amida-dō and the Miei-dō

The second floor of "Hiunkaku", the Pavilion of Flying Clouds
(not open to the public)

"Kitakōji-dōri" Street (the east side of "Karamon" can be seen in the center)

The Gate "Karamon" (front view) - 1

The Gate "Karamon" (front view) - 2

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