• Address: 540 Raikōin-chō, Ōhara, Sakyō-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture ( rough location)
  • Founder: Saichō
  • Founded: 782 - 806

A temple of Tendai Sect. Famous for its colored leaves in autumn. Here and there in the garden small Jizō (Bodhisattva) are standing quietly.

The "Goten-mon" Gate

A charming courtyard near the entrance of "Kyaku-den"

"Tsukubai", a little basin for ablutions

The Pavilion "Ōjōgokuraku-in" - 1

The Pavilion "Ōjōgokuraku-in" - 2

The Pavilion "Ōjōgokuraku-in" - 3

The Pavilion "Ōjōgokuraku-in" - 4

Metal fittings of the railing of Ōjōgokuraku-in

A path beside the Ōjōgokuraku-in

Front view of the Ōjōgokuraku-in

Carps in the pond beside the Ōjōgokuraku-in

A little Jizō in the garden

Llittle Jizōs in the garden - 2

Moss in the garden

"Nishikata-mon", West Gate and the garden

The brook along the approach to Sanzen-in

"Nodate-gasa", a parasol for the open-air tea ceremonies
(At the restaurant "Rokawajaya" on the approach to the Temple)

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