Shūgakuin Imperial Villa

  • Imperial Villa in the hills of the eastern suburbs of Kyoto
    ( rough location)
  • Originally constructed by the retired Emperor Go-Mizunoo, starting in 1655
  • The Imperial Household Agency administers this villa and accepts visitors by appointment

Together with Katsura Imperial Villa and Sentō Imperial Palace, Shūgakuin Imperial Villa shows one of the greatest achievements of Japanese architecture and the art of landscaping, sophisticated aesthetic senses of the imperial court.

The garden of "Jugetsukan"

The First Room of 15 tatami of "Jugetsukan"
with an elevated floor of 3 tatami called "Jōdan"

Ink paintings on "fusuma", thick papered sliding doors
in the First Room of Jugetsukan

A waterfall near the "Rin-un-tei"

A path with railing near the "Kyūsuitei"

"Kyūsuitei", a tea house

The "Yokuryūchi" Pond - 1

The "Yokuryūchi" Pond - 2

The "Yokuryūchi" Pond - 3

The "Yokuryūchi" Pond - 4

The "Yokuryūchi" Pond - 5

The "Yokuryūchi" Pond - 6

Decorative railing of "Rakushi-ken"

"Kyakuden", guest room of "Rakushi-ken" - 1

"Kyakuden", guest room of "Rakushi-ken" - 2

"Kyakuden", guest room of "Rakushi-ken" - 3

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