• Address: 406-1 Zōshi-chō, Nara-shi, Nara Prefecture ( rough location)
  • Founder: Emperor Shomu
  • Founded: First half of 8th century

The head temple of Kegon Sect. For the Daibutsu (Great Buddha), only a small part of the pedestal remains intact and for the Hall, which contains the Daibutsu, being lastly rebuilt in two-third width compared with the original, this temple still impresses us very much. It is said that this Hall is the largest wooden building in the world. In the Kaidandō (the Ordination hall), the splendid statues of The Four Kings of the Heaven are waiting for you with their piercing looks.
The Tōdai-ji Museum opened in October 2011.

"Nandaimon" the Grand South Gate
The tallest of all the temple gates of Japan of 69 ft high
(reconstructed by the priest Chōgen in the Kamakura period)

Pillars and beams supporting the heavy roof of Nandaimon

The Pond "Kagami-ike", Mirror Pond and "Chūmon", Main Gate
in front of "Daibutsu-den", the Grand Buddha Hall

"Daibutsu-den", the Grand Buddha Hall,
which is said to be the biggest wood construction in the world
(height 160ft, width 187ft, depth 164ft)

"Hakkaku-tōrō", the Octagonal Lantern
standing here for more than 1,200 years

The Grand Buddha of 49 ft high

"Nigatsu-dō" (February Hall)

"Hokke (or Sangatsu)-dō" (Lotus Hall or March Hall)
(This Hall enshrines many important Buddhist statues)

"Kaidan-dō", the Ordination Hall
(Here you can see the clay statues of "Shitennō", the Four Heavenly Kings)

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