• Address: 625 Kitagawa, Gionmachi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture ( rough location)
  • Dedicated to: Susanoo
  • Founded: 656

A shrine in Gion.
Famous for the Gion Festival which is held in every July to honor Susanoo. Lanterns with the names of the restaurants and shops match with the atmosphere in the area.

"Nishi Rōmon", West Two-storied Gate

"Honden", Main Hall - 1

"Honden", Main Hall - 2

Honden (left) and "Maiden", Hall of Worship and Dance (right)

Lighted lanterns of Maiden

"Yozakura" cherry blossoms seen by night
(in the Park "Maruyama Kōen" adjacent to the shrine)

"Gion Matsuri" - 1
(Gion Festival - one of the most famous festivals in Japan)

"Gion Matsuri" - 2

"Gion Matsuri" - 3

"Gion Matsuri" - 4

"Gion Matsuri" - 5

"Gion Matsuri" - 6

"Gion Matsuri" - 7

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