We visited Eigen-ji and the Three Temples of East of Lake Biwa in Shiga prefecture.We took a bus from Yokaichi station to Eigen-ji.From this temple to Hyakusai-ji, the southernmost temple of the Three Temples of East of Lake Biwa, we took a shuttle bus which is operated only in this season.And from there we walked all the way along the Nature Trail of about 6.3 miles, which links the three temples, via Kongorin-ji to Saimyo-ji, the northernmost temple of the three.
We went through an expanse of rural landscape with various plants and bushes of whose names we did not know, passing in front of a dam and through a park consisting of ancient burial mounds.At one point we could have a glimpse of the Lake Biwa.For about half a mile before arriving at Saimyo-ji, we had to walk a narrow and steep mountain path, which we could not find even on the Google map, a real nature trail!All the temples were wonderful, but, especially the long and steep stone steps of Kongorin-ji and the gorgeous colored leaves of Saimyo-ji are unforgettable.It was really a hard hiking but we could have a little sense of fulfillment. (2013.11.30)

In front of the entrance of Eigen-ji

From the approach to Eigen-ji

On the approach to Eigen-ji (part of the statues of the Sixteen high priests)

The main gate of Eigen-ji

The main hall of Eigen-ji

In the precincts of Eigen-ji

The Red gate of Hyakusai-ji

The approach to Hyakusai-ji

The Deva king gate of Hyakusai-ji

The Main hall of Hyakusai-ji

In the precincts of Hyakusai-ji

The Nature Trail 1 (Lake Biwa seen in the distance)

The Nature Trail 2

The Nature Trail 3

The Nature Trail 4

The Nature Trail 5

The Nature Trail 6 (Usogawa Dam seen in the center)

The Black gate of Kongorin-ji

In the precincts of Kongorin-ji

The Red gate of Kongorin-ji

The Gate of two Deva kings of Kongorin-ji

The three-storied pagoda of Kongorin-ji

The Nature Trail 7

The Nature Trail 8

The Nature Trail 9

The Nature Trail 10

The entrance to the main hall of Saimyo-ji

The three-storied pagoda of Saimyo-ji

The Penglai garden of Saimyo-ji

In the precincts of Saimyo-ji

The main hall of Saimyo-ji 1

The main hall of Saimyo-ji 2

The main gate of Saimyo-ji