We visited Kyoto in May 2000 for the very first time after my school excursion. This one day trip impressed us, my wife and me, very deeply and we have been fascinated by the city.Ever since, whenever we could, we visited Kyoto and enjoyed its special atmosphere we cannot feel elsewhere, taking many pictures.As the pictures accumulated we began to feel like sharing some of them with other people.That is why we created "Kyotoholic", the title I coined by mixing "Kyoto" and "alcoholic".I studied HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) little by little and gradually improved our website to the existing style in eighteen years with my wife's great help.

When I had to change my digital camera, we decided to buy one for each of us, exactly the same model to be able to help with each other in how to use.For the first five years all the photos were mine, but these days, almost 90 percent of the photos in the "Little Note" are those of hers.And the very first movies of our website in "Gion Matsuri 2018" are also taken by her.

Eighteen years have passed since the creation of our little website and I am now 68 years old and beginning to feel a little exhausting to prepare new "Little Notes".And also beginning to have some troubles with the operating system of our computer and with some necessary applications.So, we decided not to make new "Little Note" for a while, and try to prepare a new computer environment to go on.

In the meantime, if you could enjoy our photos of Kyoto from time to time and look into old Little Notes, we would be very very happy...