The year of 2000 was when we started our web site "KYOTOHOLIC", being moved by the beauties of Kyoto where we visited after a long interval of more than 30 years. Then, I was 50 years old.

I bought a book titled, "How to make a Home Page in one week" and began struggling with HTML all by myself. In the mean time my wife joined me and we gradually enriched our know-how. Happy memories of these years still remain vividly in me.

Once returned from our trip to Kyoto, we had an "editorial meeting". Name each photo first, then we had to choose which ones to be placed on the site. Then came the refinement of those photos; trimming, brightness, contrast, etc.. I enjoyed very much this process of betterment. After making the draft of "Little Note" in Japanese, then came translation in English, and in French. Finally we uploaded the files to the server of the provider and tried to revise the errors as far as possible. We repeated these processes for more than 20 years... The numbers of our trips to Kyoto reached 33 times and the photos we had taken about 6,500.

These years we could not update our site due to our computer problems and of course the COVID-19 pandemic. The last time we went to Kyoto was July 2018. Now I am 72 years old and began to think that we have to close our site at the end of this year. Each time I see the photos on this site, memories of the moments we had taken those photos come back to me... If you could visit and see these photos once again until then, we would be very happy. For this occasion we have chosen our favorite photos.

April 2022

Daigo-ji : The gorgeous weeping cherry tree in full bloom beside Reihōkan


Sanzen-in : The Pavilion "Ōjōgokuraku-in"

Sanzen-in : Metal fittings of the railing of Ōjōgokuraku-in

"Nodate-gasa", a parasol for the open-air tea ceremonies
(At the restaurant "Rokawajaya" on the approach to the Temple)

Shisen-dō : The small gate

Hōnen-in : San-mon (the main gate)

Tenryū-ji : Kuri (priests' living quarters)

Tōfuku-ji : The garden of the chief-priest's quarters

Ryōgen-in (one of the sub-temples of Daitoku-ji) : Tōtekiko Garden

Fushimiinari-taisha : Thousand torii

Gion Matsuri, 2018


Nanzen-in (one of the sub-temples of Nanzen-ji)